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Starmap was founded in 2016 specializing in demanding direct searches. We currently employ 10 headhunters with profound expertise from the industries and positions that we focus on. We are trusted partner for demanding direct search in Technology & Digitalization ​and Commerce & Services​.

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We have an established and ongoing collaboration with many of our customers. We are known to deliver within the time schedule candidates who are ideal for the position in question. We are prepared to work in close co-operation with the HR and TA teams. In that case we offer our expertise for the recruitment.

Direct search process and schedule

We aim at introducing the pre-selected 4-7 candidates to the customer within 3-4 weeks from the assignment. The final schedule depends on the customer process.

Starmap was founded because of a strong market demand for a direct search company whose headhunters have both excellent soft skills and deep substance expertise
Marko Torpo, CEO, Senior Headhunter

Our team

Joonas Ferm

Senior headhunter

Joonas has strong experience in management and sales tasks in the ICT industry as well as building and leading expert organizations in both domestic and international organizations. Joonas’ core expertise areas are ICT services and contracts, digitization, software development and change management.​​

Email joonas.ferm@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 5073 384​

Jarkko Vuori

Senior headhunter

Jarkko has wide experience in the IT, payment service and Fintec sectors. He has both recruited teams and has been enhancing and reorganizing them. A strong technical background combined with a business expertise has taken Jarkko from domestic companies to international organizations and further to work as an entrepreneur.

Email jarkko.vuori@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 5335 898

Soile Lahtinen

Senior headhunter

Soile has a wealth of experience across various roles in multiple industries. Her most extensive experience lies within the healthcare industry, where she served as a Head of Finance. In addition to her financial expertise, Soile possesses a well-rounded skillset encompassing product management, international business development, sales & marketing, leadership, and recruiting.

Email soile.lahtinen@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 5546 799

Christian Eroma

Senior headhunter

During his over 20 years career, Chrisu has held management positions in customer service, sales, and marketing. Additionally, he has a proven track record in leadership and sales roles in the ICT industry, as well as in building and managing sales and expert organizations. Customer experience and satisfaction are Chrisu's top priorities in this work as well. In addition to the above, he has several years of experience in executive team positions and board work.

Email christian.eroma@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 0988 005

Pasi Kuhmonen

Senior headhunter

Pasi is a marketing communication, customer experience, sales and business development professional with over 20 years of experience. As a founding partner of a strategic marketing communication agency, he has served as a customer and managing director, responsible for developing customer relationships and building different teams. His clients have been companies from various industries, from listed companies to start-ups, as well as public sector actors.

Email pasi.kuhmonen@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 5875 465

Simo Kuparinen

Senior headhunter

Simo has over 20 years of experience in the transportation and logistics sector. He has worked in operational and commercial roles in various teams of a global shipping company in Finland and abroad. Simo has also led support functions at a port operator, which complements his diverse experience in various sectors of the supply chain services. He has over ten years of experience in executive management and board work.

Email simo.kuparinen@starmap.fi

Phone +358 50 585 3559

Susanna Lehtojärvi

Senior headhunter

Susanna has over 20 years of experience in building brands and international marketing in diverse roles. She has worked with B2B clients in over 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Susanna has gained diverse industry knowledge by helping small and medium-sized enterprises grow and expand internationally. In her free time, you can find Susanna on the badminton court or engrossed in professional literature.

Email susanna.lehtojarvi@starmap.fi

Phone +358 50 386 4338

Timo Soikkeli

Senior headhunter

Timo has 30 years of experience in technology and 20 years of experience in international B2B sales. He has been responsible for sales, sales training, and partner relationships for an international cybersecurity company. Timo has also led the international after-sales and maintenance team for a Finnish technology company. He has also worked as a product manager, sales engineer, and software developer for over a decade.

Email timo.soikkeli@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 750 2995

Marika Lang

Senior Starhunter

Marika has a very versatile experience in sales, marketing and business development. She has worked e.g. as sales and marketing manager, head of customer service, project manager and entrepreneur. Marika has worked for over 20 years in Australia, Sweden and France, and her international background combined with a strong business mindset is a great asset in searching and identifying future talents for the Finnish growth companies.

Email marika.lang@starmap.fi

Phone +358 40 529 4459

Marko Torpo

CEO, Senior headhunter

Marko has very extensive experience in various tasks in the IT, Telecom and Fintec sectors. He has worked e.g. as CEO at a startup company, head of IT business unit, head of software development unit, IT product manager, and software designer. Marko has worked for 15 years in Switzerland, where he has been responsible for the development of mobile and online services of Switzerland's largest Fintec company.

Email marko.torpo@starmap.fi

Phone +358 45 157 5323

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