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Our mission is to enhance the competitiveness and the growth of our customers through direct search.

We are searching for experts in the areas of Technology and Digitalization as well as sales, marketing, middle and senior management personnel. In addition we have several headhunters working with Commerce & Services sectors to complete Starmap’s direct search service offering.

The extensive experience and impressive understanding of our special area of business by Starmap headhunter was absolutely critical for finding and selecting of an ideal R&D Director. As a result of the process, we were able to choose amongst a wide variety of excellent candidates.” Ville Kuusela, CEO, Visma Solutions. Read more from References.

How do we differentiate?

Extensive industry- and work experience

Due to our profound understanding of the industry and the specific requirements of the position in question, we are able to search for and to select the best talents.
We efficiently identify even passive candidates.

Strong communication skills and reliability

In addition to strong substance expertise and psychological eye, Starmap's headhunters can identify best suited candidates in terms of both substantive knowledge and soft skills.

An attractive, yet realistic description of the position is provided to the candidates. Starmap always nurtures the employer brand.

The same headhunter is assigned for conducting the direct search from start to finish. We deliver what we promise in a due time.

Why should you work with us?

Ville Kuusela

CEO, Visma Solutions

”The extensive experience and impressive understanding of our special area of business by the Starmap headhunter were critical for the finding and selection of an ideal R&D Director. As a result of a process, we were able to choose amongst a wide variety of excellent candidates", said Ville Kuusela, CEO, Visma Solutions.

To this date Starmap has successfully completes the direct searches for the following positions at Visma: Netvisor R&D Director and Payroll Product Manager, Visma Sign R&D Director as well as R&D Directors for Valueframe and Severa.

Visma has been successful in the Finland's Best Workplaces survey and ranked in the top three in the series of large organizations for three years in a row. Although Visma's employer image is very positive and numerous jobs are constantly open, the direct search made it possible to find candidates who otherwise would not have been reached at all.

"We received a very good and wide range of candidates for the challenging search. The recruitment process was very flexible from the client's point of view, and the headhunter's extensive personal experience of the industry and the requirements of the task helped us find the best talent", said Ville Kuusela further about the results of the successful direct search for the R&D Director of the Netvisor financial management software".

Starmap works in continuous cooperation with both Visma's corporate management and HR experts. "We started with Visma in the spring of 2022 and now in the fall we already have several direct searches at the same time," said Starmap's Marko Torpo.

Jenni Toropainen, HR director (Director, People & Culture) Visma Solutions, said that the company chose a direct search because of the demanding nature of the position and because no suitable candidates could be found within the company. Communication during the recruitment process was effortless because the headhunter immediately understood the requirements related to the search in depth. It also turned out that some of the interviewees may be considered for another position later, so Visma got good value for its recruitment investment with Starmap.

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